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Mission Control for Unlabeled Data Modeling

​Compare model performance with built-in metrics: silhouette, KL divergence, and others.


See all model runs in one place and compare across unsupervised and semi-supervised methods.

​Validate and Compare Models

We re-built unsupervised algorithms from scratch – achieving up to 10x speedups – so you can find optimal hyperparameters even with massive datasets.


Optimize hyperparameters for any model. See elbow plots, model metrics, and validation data in one place.

​Change Hyperparameters

Run Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Models in Parallel

​No need for a dozen jupyter notebooks.


We provide a gallery of run-time optimized models for clustering, anomaly detection, and trend detection.

Use Any Data Stream

​From uploading local CSV files to pulling data from Snowflake, Redshift, and others.


We work with your existing data infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about workarounds.

Deploy with One Click

​Get a REST API for real-time or batch predictions with one click.


Monitor and track model performance through auto-generated dashboards.


Deploy on any cloud platform or on-prem.

Your AI stack is incomplete without us

Easily combine data streams.

Run 12 unsupervised models in parallel. 

Automatically detect emerging trends and data anomalies.

Tweak parameters.

Deploy as an API with 1 click.

And we are just getting started.

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Find patterns with no code

Unsupervised modeling helps you track patterns and trends without downsampling or expensive upfront labeling.

Use data 100x faster

Our tool enables you to build fully labeled datasets without downsampling by enabling you to label by cluster, rather than by data point.

Our full suite

Our tool sits within your AI arsenal and lets your team capture patterns before your current modeling can.

We provide premium support options and a set of simple APIs and code snippets to make unsupervised AI accessible, for the first time, ever.

All You Need for Unsupervised Learning

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